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Getting Started

Getting access to quality care is vital, and we are here to help and ensure your transition is smooth and stress-free. Here is how we typically work. Timelines are based on the complexity of the case, but can be as quick as one week.

You contact us to discuss your requirements

When you contact us, a member of our team will get back to you either via phone or email, and arrange to meet face-to-face to understand your requirements better. We would ideally like to meet the care receiver at this time as well.


We assess your care requirements and present a plan for you to review

We assess your care requirements holistically. If already on a care plan at the moment, we assess to see if it is suited for the care receiver. Once assessed, we present an updated care plan for you to review.


At this stage, if required, we would be happy to coordinate with the Commissioning Support Unit, and/or the Integrated Care Board to modify your care provisions.

This step can be iterative until you, the care receiver, and the agencies are happy with the updated care plan.


Once approved, we provide you with terms of your complete care package and introduce you to your care team

We formalise the care plan and send you contractual terms to help you understand what your complete care package will include and how we manage capacity to ensure the care receiver has consistent care whenever needed. This will include information on:

  • Our process to plan around holidays and family events 

  • Our process to integrate external services (e.g. physiotherapy or hydrotherapy)

  • How we can help transition from your current provider to us

  • Timelines for getting started

We will also arrange for you and the care receiver to meet with the core Care team responsible for the care plan. We believe in the power of personal connections and will ensure we match carers to care receivers. We will also ensure you have key points of contact and an escalation path so you always have someone to reach out to when needed.


Getting started after signing 

Once you approve the complete care package and are happy with your Care team, we will send you a formal contract listing the terms of the care plan agreed. Upon signing, we will be able to begin transition and start service. 

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